There’s a Kmart inside NYC’s Penn Station that has a couple of coca-cola vending machines outside of it. On a recent weeknight I observed how folks interacted with these machines. By no means an exhaustive study, these are simply a few observations I noted while waiting for my LIRR train.

  • users preferred to use the interactive touchscreen vending machine 100% of the time
  • regardless of the fact that there was a second, perfectly functioning coca-cola machine right beside the interactive one. That’s 100% of the time. 7 out of 7 users preferred the more interactive one.
  • users would literally wait in line behind as many as 4 other individuals simply to get a chance to use the more interactive experience
  • worthwhile note – these are harried new yorkers, anxious to get home to their families, beds, Netflix, cats, dogs or goldfish
  • the machines themselves offer nothing more than an LCD touchscreen display with video footage of folks enjoying life and a coke along with a few clever animations once a purchase has been made
  • there are no prizes to be won and no awards given out. a coke and a smile is all you’ll receive

So what’s my point?

1. Folks dig a new and novel interactive experience.

2. Folks will choose a new and novel interactive experience every time.

Posted by Joseph