There’s been much ado about how the excellent Ad folks over at 360i got that clever Oreo ad written, designed, edited, and approved so fast for posting (subsequently, it’s been retweeted 15,000 times now – talk about serious ROI).


The truth is, it’s just good old fashioned Advertising. There was a time (I can only imagine through repeated viewings of Mad Men) when folks in the Advertising business lived and breathed this stuff every moment of every day, for better or for worse. And they did it all in a less detached way than we do now. It wasn’t all about the technology, the KPIs, SEO/SEM, AR, QR, or VFX. There was a time when it was all about the selling of an idea, a dream, a passion, a vice. The brilliance of a good ad was in its wittiness. A subtle, “gotchya” moment where the viewer goes, “oh yeah. I get it.”

But instead of seeing the Oreo Tweet as being clever and opportunistic, Madison Avenue will use it as the defacto excuse for keeping large teams of already overworked individuals in conference rooms on Superbowl Sunday to ensure that no opportunities are missed.

That’s missing the point though. Great advertisers see cleverness everywhere. They don’t need to be crammed into mandatory meetings, with a bunch of over-zealous, over-caffeinated young souls looking to make their mark in the big ole world of Advertising. Great Ad Men have always seen the irony and humanity in their trade and embraced it with all its infinite madness (more on this some other time).

So you want to get together on Superbowl Sundays in the office with your clients in case an opportunity presents itself that you can capitalize on? Cool. Maybe that’s a good idea. It worked out for Oreo… this time. Let’s just be sure not to water it down into yet another i to dot or t to cross when producing our next viral campaign.

I gotta run to a meeting.

Posted by Joseph