Google Lab’s Creative Director Aaron Koblin is one of the creative visionaries behind the experimental new Rome website. Working closely with the extremely talented video music director Chris Milk, the two have created an experience that may prove to be just the beginning of what the modern browser is capable of.

I had the pleasure of meeting Aaron and hearing him speak at the Creativity and Technology (CaT) convention a few years go. He has an incredibly fluid way of speaking, was remarkably intelligent, but very down to earth and approachable at the same time. It was the first ever CaT convention scheduled and the line up of speakers was stellar. Aaron’s lecture centered around data visualization. He discussed a number of different ideas on the topic and mentioned a website he had worked on as part of his senior thesis called The Sheep Market. That particular site was a case study in tapping into the collective power of Amazon’s Mechnical Turk service.

Well it looks like Aaron has moved on to some even cooler stuff. If you haven’t already heard about the amazing ROME: 3 Dreams of Black website, it was all over the interweb the other day following its debut/feature at Google’s I/O 2011 convention. You can hear more about it from Aaron himself in this YouTube clip:

It was also recently featured in a great article by Fast Company. The article (and video) discusses the technology used in designing the site, speaks at length about WebGL and gives some indication of where the browser (specifically Chrome) is headed.

Posted by Joseph